Rock The Boat is a 1 vs 1 game in where 2 pirates are trying to make the loudest music, to essentially throw the other off their ship.

The game has guitar-hero style gameplay and is played with 2 X-box controllers. Finishing combos before your opponent will increase their water level while pressing the wrong buttons will decrease theirs.


2 X-Box controllers. PSN might work as well, but the buttons won't mirror the screen.


Iris Reuver: 3D Artist and Texturing
Julia Paul: Lead Artist, Concept Artist, Animator and Texturing
Christopher Cano Gonzalez: UI Design, Game Artist
Alina Sommer: Creative Director, Game Designer, Technical Artist
Mark Schipper: 3D Artist and Texturing

Leon Brands: Lead Programmer
Tristan Metz: Game Programming and Physics

George-Paul Henneberke: Composer/Audio Engineer

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